Here is where people around NZ meet to disscuss and share their favourite anime shows, series, movies and so on. All are welcome to have fun and make new friends with similar or different interests.
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 Anime: A Round Table Discussion.

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Lively Member
Lively Member

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PostSubject: Anime: A Round Table Discussion.   Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:32 am

Here we discuss seriously about anime. Yes, it is an oxymoron, but meh.

How do you like your animation style?

Do you prefer large eyes, like every single current anime, or more realistic eyes such as those of classic anime? Do you like CG action sequences, or hand drawn sequences? Characters who all look the same except with different hair style (SEED...) or shows which have unique, or even less visually appealing characters? Etc, etc.

For, me it is probably a mix. I prefer classic anime styles, but if done well, the large eyed ones can look quite good. Pure CG action sequences make me vomit, but I think a mix between CG and normal hand drawn sequences look great, and also lower the cost of production a bit.

I don't like CG beams in Gundam though like in 00 and SEED. I prefer hand drawn beams. Yes m'am, I'm old school.
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Spirited Member
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PostSubject: Re: Anime: A Round Table Discussion.   Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:45 am

sure every one like the human drawings in Initial D
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Anime: A Round Table Discussion.
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